PeopleNTech is a global IT and Engineering solutions provider whose business focus is in Development, Outsourcing, and Consulting. We are a Global Technology company with Customer Focus as one of our Core Values. We are Agile. We are always present with the right solutions at the right place and the right time to meet your requirements. Our offerings are IP oriented, tried and tested over time. We strive to ensure that our Clients are the front runners and equipped with latest technologies.

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PeopleNTech is a global IT and Engineering solutions provider catering to a diverse customer base. We ensure to empower our clients with innovative solutions that add measurable value to business, while adhering to global quality standards.We offer an optimal blend of business processes in varied domains to enable our customers to meet their corporate goals. Our combination of deep industry knowledge and expertise in building capabilities on short notice makes us a strategic partner for our customers.

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Our Mission & Vision declares our purpose as a Company and serves as a standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions. “We help our clients achieve their Business and Financial objectives by providing Technology and Process Outsourcing Solutions. Since we have a deep investment in IP-oriented offerings, our clients ‘Get to Market’ Faster, Save Money and Reduce Risk.”

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PeopleNTech is governed by its Core Values. They form an integral part of who we are, how we operate and provide a sound basis to make decisions. These values define our culture and help shape the character of our company. They help us create value for our clients, our people and our organization as a whole.

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Software Development

Competitiveness in the global marketplace requires speed and agility at every level. Businesses must respond quickly to meet customer demand, improve speed to market, react swiftly to changing market conditions and constantly seek gains ....

Management Consulting

Keeping pace with a business environment that is continuously evolving, along with maintaining the quality of operations can be quite a challenging task for any enterprise. In order to manage continuously changing environment....

Technology Consulting

Information technology has become one of the central and core element of strategy of any organization. It not only provides seamless integration between various organizational functions .......

Staff Augmentation

With companies adopting more aggressive growth and expansion strategies, the need to augment efficient staff at an accelerated pace has become the need of the hour. Many organizations today seek .....

Business Process Assurance

Every technology or part of it is developed for the achievement of a particular business objective and to ultimately enhance the end user's experience. To this effect, traditional Quality Assurance has evolved ......


At PeopleNTech, it is our aim to help our clients achieve excellence in their core competencies by supporting them with robust end-to-end solutions for repeatable processes. With a reliable outsourcing partner....