Business Process Assurance

Getting it right every time Business Process Assurance

Every technology--and each part thereof--is developed for the achievement of a particular business objective.  Ultimately, of course, the final goal is to enhance the end-user's experience.  Accordingly, traditional Quality Assurance (QA) has given birth to its logical corollary:  Business Process Assurance (BPA).  

These two concepts can be distinguished from one another thusly:  while QA emphasizes the microcosmic view, BPA focuses on the macrocosmic view.  In other words, BPA considers the overall effects of a particular change/modification.  These overall effects are then thoroughly tested--right up to evaluating the end-user's actual experience recorded while utilizing the change/modification in practice.  

PeopleNTech's BPA service lends itself very easily to customization.  We can apply our BPA flexibly and seamlessly to any of the development methodologies that a client may select.  

What matters is implementing the BPA principle in spirit, which is that all individuals, regardless of their role, should have in mind the sole aim of delivering the business process experience in exactly the form in which the business stakeholders have envisaged.

How PeopleNTech Brings You the Best in Business Process Assurance

Flexible QA Process: 

PeopleNTech also specializes in delivering effective solutions that save both time and cost.  The same applies to performance management, reporting, and reconciliation.  Our solutions are aimed at assisting you in reducing costs, improving efficiency, and enhancing productivity--all while at the same time creating a positive, quantifiable impact on your bottom-line.

Process-Oriented Approach: 

Better control means more efficient management and, consequently, improved results.  PeopleNTech provides an end-to-end Business Process Test (BPT) with QA approaches that ensure full coverage of multiple systems.  This methodology gives you better support structures that help to easily sustain excellence in Business Process Management (BPM).

Accelerated Business Process Test (BPT): 

The success of a Business Process Test QA approach greatly depends upon the swiftness of its delivery/implementation.  PeopleNTech ensures optimized implementation by deploying product-specific QA accelerators that can kick-start the testing process of any project.  The accelerators have been designed to work on predefined sector solutions and reference models containing adequate components and data for generic business processes.

Automated Testing: 

PeopleNTech equips you with a more efficient test environment by combining the synergies of the latest test methodologies along with test automation tools--like HP's innovative Quick Test Professional--for improved automated testing.

Independent and Efficient Quality Assurance Team: 

Opting for an exclusive and independent QA team--i.e., one that is not under the development vendor's control--helps to mitigate the possibility of conflict of interest, while also providing greater scope for increased efficiencies and better optimization of the entire process.

We ensure that critical business processes are executed without operational disruption.  We achieve this seamlessly via our Business Process Assurance solutions, which produce the following results:

* Higher End-User Satisfaction

* Lower Rework Cost

* Higher Efficiency

* Overall IT Performance Improvement

 BPA Solutions that PeopleNTech Offers                  

* Test Planning, Execution, & Management

* Both Automated & Manual, Functional- & Regression-Testing

* Automated Load-Testing